The final Wales Lottery draw took place on 23rd March 2018, this website is now for informational purposes only.

Wales Lottery Good Causes

The Wales Lottery is a not-for-profit society lottery, which intends to raise £5 million for worthy projects across Wales in the first five years of its existence.

What are Society Lotteries?

Society lotteries are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and are designed to run on a not-for-profit basis, raising money for the non-commercial sector, specifically for good causes. These causes can be charities, sport-related projects, cultural activities or anything else that does not lead to private gain.

Under society lottery rules, Loteri Cymru's jackpot cannot exceed £25,000.

How Does the Wales Lottery Fund Good Causes?

At least 20 percent of the money received in ticket sales is set aside to be distributed to schemes in Wales. This is overseen by the lottery's charitable wing, Hanford Cymru.

To apply for a grant of up to £10,000, organisations must state why they deserve funding. Once the lottery is more established, it has promised that the limit on grants will rise to £75,000, with the possibility of even larger donations being made eventually.

Marc Phillips, interim chief executive of Hanford Cymru, said the cash the lottery provides to good causes will be vital, as charities in Wales are "raditionally under-supported" by nationwide bodies charged with providing grant funding.

To find out how you can take part and add to the lottery's charity pot, visit the How to Play page.